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Bielsko-Biała, kolorowe chmury

Platypuses are pretty bizarre looking. They belong to a sub-group of mammals that lay eggs rather than giving birth to live young. When the 1st platypus was shipped to Britain from Australia, people thought it was a joke & that someone had sewn a duck's bill to a mammal's body. Even when accepted as real, it was thought to be a bird or reptile as it laid eggs. The male Platypus has a sharp spur on the inside of both hind ankles. This is connected to a venom gland which produces a strong…

A Waterfall, Moonlight Ralph Albert Blakelock c. 1886

Sea otters have a crowded pool party - July 20, 2014

While much of the photogenic attention is lavished on sea otters, there are 12 other otter species splashing around every continent except Antarctica & Australia. At the San Diego Zoo, we have the Cape clawless & spotted necked otter (shown here).

i will reincarnate into this guy right here