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the picture in the top "here is how Morsy came" the other picture "here is how Sisi came"

Sorry for the harsh picture but it happened in #Egypt at rabia square #massacre by #Sisi junta his brain was out and the cavity of his brain is clear :/ but human rights organizations are not here they don't care #Rasicm #Anticoup #R4bia

I’m running the NYC Marathon in 40 days. I have a friend who is also running it, and her son is in the same class as Number So last week after Number Open House, we were talking. My friend asked me what I was doing the night before the race. When was I …

A picture of the first Martyrs(mohammed sobhy) In the Egyptian massacres with his young kids! Shot for holding a picture &supporting democracy !

from Twitter

SAiF on

"OMG this picture killed me, a little baby girl hiding from Israeli bombing is she a terrorist? " #GazaUnderAttack @Saif14Rahman

Egyptian Coup Media top right picture descries it as one of the demonstrators anti coup attacks a "poor" coup police man .the full image is in the image at the bottom shows that a demonstrator attacked by both coup police and coup thugs

#Abd_AlRahman_Ashraf only 9 years old, was shot and killed on Friday when coup-militias and thugs attacked a demonstration march in Mataraya/ south of Cairo. At least 6 other ppl were hurt in the attack. Worth mentioning that his sister was arrested from the mortuary after making objections about her baby-brother being killed. #Egypt #Democracy #HumanRights

قاتل هالة أبو شعيشع والحرائر بعد إصابته برصاص الشرطة عن طريق الخطأ مما تسبب له بحدوث شلل رباعى The killer of Hala Abo Sheesha and the other ladys.