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Only in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa) - ODDEE

Only in Africa

Canned lion hunting. 'Big Game Hunters' come to South Africa to trophy hunt, but these idiots can't actually do much more than point and shoot. So the lions are drugged and put into a cage so they can 'hunt' them. It's absolutely disgusting.

Being dragged away…

This is not a bath, this is a picture of a lion being dragged to a canned hunting! it's cruel and oh so wrong

Only in South Africa...

Only in South Africa...

Dumbest policeman - Funny news headlines with a photo of a cop leaning against the barrel of his shotgun using it as improvised seat: "Jobur.

Only in Africa..

Only in Africa..

Pothole joke South Africa

Pot Luck for Awesome South African Man Who's Fixing Our Potholes!

Only in Africa

When I think of South Africa, I picture it's richness in diversity with many unique sights for tourist attraction. But have you ever wondered what makes South Africa unique from the rest of the world?

Funny ideas for taking really unique and memorable photos! | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Funny ideas for taking really unique and memorable photos!

I wanna get this but instead of South Africa it says California

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Meerkats, widely adored for their quirky standing stance, live in African deserts in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa - you can see themfrom when they are only two weeks old, the age their mothers generally let them out of their burrow

Adorable baby animals, and where in the world to find them

INFP: Meerkat INFPs are deeply ethical and idealistic, loyal to their family and closest friends, and guided by their desire to live a life according to their values. They are curious about those around them, but will not accept threats to the security o

Emperor Tamarin babies - When these little guys grow up they'll have the distinctive long, white, curled moustache this species is known for.

Cute Overloads on

Is this the world's smallest monkey or is this just a baby? Either way, this monkey is super cute, it can literally sit in the palm of your hand. I love monkeys!

You'll hear it all in your head.<< oh my god... I only missed like 1/10 of them include this one and there's like 50 of them..... crap.....

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