Sassy jem

I'm so freaking confused would someone please explain this first what about demon pox second I thought warlocks couldn't have kids third how is a witch made its not in Shadowhunter codex

The level of sass in this.<<<< I loved this scene and love their relationship even more!!!!!!!!!!

// Will and Tessa // TID // Cassandra Clare // I feel like Clary and Jace could totally have this same discussion and it would turn out the same way

Will Herondale modern day - Google keresés

Will Herondale in the modern world. Even if you don't know what TID is this is still funny---> SCREAMING

"Oh O" #WillAndJem #TID

I almost Shouted this in my room. I would have been murderd by my mom before I finished the book.

I can't even ||| BRILLIANT! And no one can replace Will and Jace. I mean I know, but like will we as a fandom, will our ovaries be able to handle this??? Lol

I think that Jules sounds hot. I've never thought of Jace as hot, but I've thought that he was objectively.


ACTUALLY, izzy can save the lightwoods and alec has merged lightwood into bane while morgensterns are unnecessary and the herondales have kit sooooo yeaah

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Flores Shadowhunter

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