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Photography: is it art?

Richard Learoyd's Man with Octopus Tattoo II (2011) by Richard Learoyd. At the National Gallery until January '13. The best image in the exhibition.

human jumping i love the way these images have been layed ontop of each other allowing you to see the whole jump as well as each individual movement. the black bacground brings your focus to the human without distraction

Where others might see dreary, overcast days, Slovakian artist Tibor Nagy sees--and makes us see--an exquisite beauty. -E.N.

7 Photos of War Veterans Will Leave You Breathless

7 Powerful Photos of Amputee War Veterans That Will Take Your Breath Away -

One of those truly perfect images which stand the test of time - soft focus and perfect lighting for glowing highlights and deep shade drawing the shapes of a fine form. Here the photographer’s art and the stunning model combine to create a picture of exquisite, breathtaking beauty. (Should anyone know the details for this, please do let me know. It reminds me of the work of Fred Holland Day or George Henry Seeley, but appears attached to neither of their names.)