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When my friend told me she liked my crush, I stuck my head in my locker, pretending to be disgusted. I wasn't. I was just really disappointed.

This happened to me twice... The first time it was a kid that i had liked for a year and he knew i did and he asked if i still did like him so i told him and then my crush now asked and im pretty sure i gave it away by acting weird..

You know what hurts so much? When somebody makes you feel special yesterday but makes you feel like you're nobody today.

No my best friend does both but 10 time worse. She will make me pass him on purpose, laugh and say hi. Then she will call his name and turn around so it looks like I called him. Push me into him and aww cutest couple ever and then make me talk to him!!!

Madisen how many times have I said this because I feel like I don't say this enough and that day we stayed up on FaceTime till 3 in the morning I want to kiss u SO GOD DAM BAD. Lol idk if u could tell be I did so bad

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