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10 Cool DIY Home and Garden Projects You Can Make With a 3D Printer

The Peng Birdhouse, a penguin-inspired birdhouse of Robert Mariduena. It’s a smart design: closed at the top so that rainwater won’t drop in and open on the side for ventilation.

Huddle is a clever 3D-printed LED light bulb with a cityscape sprouting out of the top. It is available as a floor lamp and hanging lamp. Huddle was created by Netherlands-based designer David Graa...

Huddle, 3D-Printed Light Bulb with a City Sprouting Out of the Top

Lightbulbs Adorned with Sprouting Cityscapes by David Graas lighting design printing

Yellow Submarine // love this tea infuser #product_design

Tea Sub

Turn Yourself into a 3D Printed Action Figure

Turn Yourself Into a 3D Printed Action Figure

First off, let me start by saying that I know this isn't a real action figure. It has zero points of articulation, meaning that the "action" portion.

3ders.org - The marriage of math and art in 3D printing | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Cool math concepts and printing swirl together in new ways in the work of Paul Nylander's work – which ranges appearance from lovely light vortex to nautical Buckminster Fuller tribute.

Paper Crimper by jetty - Thingiverse

Parametric Paper Crimper designed to crimp paper strips up to inch in width. Typically used for paper arts / crafts, including card making, scrap booking and quilling.