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Morph - i had a bendable toy morph, made of rubber with wire inside. When it started to poke through, my mum 'killed' him. 80's health and safelty, eh?  #nostalgia #80s #childhood

Morph - he was the quieter one and his mate chas was the noisy one.how did we understand what they were on about?

lucozade wrapped in orange crinkle paper - only ever had this when you were ill

My mum always made us drink this is we had a day off sick from school. Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.

Witches Hat, no longer allowed in the play park! But what great fun it was, getting it to spin as fast as you could, make it tip and do the bumps,

I would have all this old fashioned "dangerous" playground equipment in the inner-courtyard of my dream house

Plasticine - loved the smell. So special to open a new pack. Before long the children rolled them all together in an unattractive sludge. aug16

Plasticine - I loved the way the colours stayed separate, unlike Playdoh, where everything combined to make a murky greeny-brown after a while.

omg @Virginia Hanna I want soaps with cute animals please.

Soap with transfer on.i had these. (Definitely remember having one of these, the exact transfer, and being very disappointed when the picture disintegrated when I used it :) ).