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neat drying rack idea

thatkindofwoman: Dreams are made of such beautiful things. I need a florist in my life. So I can run my fingers across the fresh beauty that adorns their studios as we chat.

Fuji Park, Japón.

Purple Trees 36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only, Fuji Park, Japan Purple-- the other pink!

Now this is going green...the green vertical garden workspace/house in Linkebeek, Belgium created by Samyn & Partners and Patrick Blanc

Urban Gardening:Living walls

House near Brussels by architect Samyn and Partners. Glass wall at the front. Plant-covered wall by French botanical artist Patrick Blanc at the back.

The Farm of the Future: Green Sky Growers | Growing on the roof of a retail building in a sleepy suburb near Orlando, Florida.

The Farm of the Future: Green Sky Growers – growing organic vegetable and fish on a rooftop near Orlando, FL. The Farm of the Future: Green Sky Growers – growing…

Morning Glorys, Lobelia & Geranium greet you at the door when you visit the shed~*

Love heavenly blue morning glories - this could be the front door of our beach cottage! : ) maybe someday.

... Espaliered fruit trees-designrulz (8)

How to Grow Espalier Fruit Trees

Someday I hope to espalier an apple or cherry tree in my backyard. Wonder if this would work on my lemon, orange and fig trees?

Strawberries - Google Image Result for http://img4.sunset.com/i/1999/01/strawberries-plant-m-x.jpg%3F500:500

How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries: quick facts and care essentials. For my new strawberry patch. I hope it doesn't hinder the runners, I actually want the patch to fill in.

Alternative Gardning, Giant Tomato Tree ~ Whoa, this is unreal~

Alternative Gardning, Giant Tomato Tree ~ Whoa, this is unreal~ could provide the shade for my partial sun plants!

Growing strawberries vertically. Great Idea

pinner says---Growing strawberries vertically. This idea is great for fence posts in the veggie garden. Use the posts to run the supports for climbing plants like beans peas and cucumbers

Plant Alyssum under tomatoes to attract pollinators. Expert tips-> Plant in full sun and give them at least 1.5′ of space to grow. Enhance soil with epsom salt to fertilize plants. Water o…

Plant Alyssum under tomatoes

Underplanting with alyssum = great way to lure more pollinators to the veggie garden, smells wonderful too. just give me a ripe tomato right about now!

Make a Vertical Trellis Tee Pee To Grow Climbing Vegetables Project » The Homestead Survival

Veggie Teepee - Interesting trellis for pole beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, etc. Cute playhouse for kids