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Go Pats!!!!! @linsweed

Go Pats!!!!! @linsweed

MY mistake, WRK...my mistake that I, too, bought into anything you blamed me for. Lucky me, it's all behind me after my visit to CA July 2016. Free ~ (and hate is too strong a word but the sentiment is pretty cool 1 Aug.)

My intuition warned me off when I met you but you were family, so I let you in. I don't ever go against my 'knowings' anymore. So I suppose I have you to thank.This is so true!

He looked at her With mixed feelings. "That's disgusting. You're lucky you're cute." She leaned in closer. "So you Think i'm cute?" He pulled her in to his arms. Now there was only one feeling left.

TFR’s Writing Prompts No. 86-90

Prompt Dialogue Writing Inspiration Read Starter Conversation TFR’s Writing Prompts Number Ninety Novel Story Writers Corner

for anyone who is struggling and is still breathing give yourself a pat on the back . Your the bravest person in the world! #depression #recovery #hope

Danny Baker on

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. -Juliette Lewis Didn't want to die. Just wanted to run away and give up. So glad I didn't. Stuck around for God's wonderful grace and blessings and found the love of my life!

Levi at least he's taller than Edward Elric... Even though he is twice Ed's age so I hope so (Ed: 4'11 with thick soled shoes and hair spikey thing) (Levi: 5'3)

Attack on Titan - My Poor Levi, this problem can be fixed easily cut off their legs.*pats head* you know you like the sound of it. Levi walks away smiling, saying there's going to be a lot of cleaning after this.


My sunshine angel bean! I know who you are! I will hug you! Just let me meet you!

I watch so much Dan that it has gotten to the point where 'literally' isn't even a word anymore, it's just a noise

Sass I already had but my oh my all I do is swear in my mind now and gosh I hate it dang it Dan lit-ra-lily I hate swearing and I keep doing it thanks to you lol.I don't ship Phan so idk about the last one I know I crush on him but idk bout Dan

the Russian night witches. Sweet ~SheWolf★

the Russian night witches. Sweet ~SheWolf★>> excuse the language, but this is awesome

Teresa: "Newt shes gonna be okay" Newt *shakes head* " If they hurt her I will kill them" Frypan: "Come on Newt, just calm, y/n would know what to do if they were to hurt her in anyway" Thomas: *Pats back* "She'll be okay

Rebecca: dont worry babe *smiles* Newt: i dont believe that Rebecca: trust me i will Newt: ok love you Rebecca: love you more Janson: shut up and lets go Rebecca: ok chill