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Grapefruit Brulee Bars: Rich, buttery shortbread crust holds a filling of tart pink grapefruit curd, all covered in a layer of crunchy caramelized sugar!

Spiced Apple Butter Bars: A buttery and sweet crust covered in a layer of spiced apple butter and a crumbly topping, perfect for Fall!

Autumn Spiced Donuts with Apple Cider Curd: Fluffy and rich brioche dough rolled in sugar and warm spices, and filled with a tart spiced apple cider curd filling!

Tart Cherry Crisp with Oaty Crumble Topping: Lots of sweet-tart cherries covered with a crunchy brown sugar and oat crumble! Lots of back-to-school nostalgia!

Minty Chocolate Puppy Chow: Crunchy Chex cereal covered in minty chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar! Perfect for your #Christmas parties!

Tomato + Ricotta Tart: A buttery cracker crust filled with savory ricotta and fresh basil, topped with farm-fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese!

Banoffee Pie with Pretzel Crust: This UK favorite gets a bit of an upgrade with a crunchy pretzel crumb crust, sticky toffee filling, fresh sliced bananas and tons of fresh whipped cream!