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someone's been taking lessons from Harry>>Oh no...>>>>OMFG I TOLD THIS JOKE TO MY FRIEND LIKE A YEAR AGO!!!!!

Luke Hemmings telling a 'cheesy' joke. I remember this joke from Hannah Montana.

lucas robert hemmings you are a special boy

you're a special boy Luke Hemmings "Getting some air" "The edits that will be created" 5 Seconds Of Summer this makes me happy omg hAHahAAhahahHAHA

I can't handle this!!! hes just so... akdkkskalcksla... or in other words perfect

it really trips me up that the junior and senior pics are only like 3 months apart. HE GROWS SO FAST.>>>his freshman pic is so freakin cute

Luke looks so good. you could say he looks so perfect ugh I hate myself

id swear on the fact that luke is on a mission to kill everyone every single day.

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# Imagine Luke and you have been hanging out for a while, and everyone knows he likes you, buts to shy to ask you out. So you help him out.

Did boy. He knows the meaning of life<<<FYI that's Luke Korns in this photo!! :)

luke korns referencing luke hemmings << Luke is love, Luke is life

((Open RP be Luke?)) I walk in with Niall, the dude is like my best friend. "Hi Luke," I smile. "Hey," he mumbles. "Whats wrong?" He snaps. I start panicking and run to the bathroom. ((My name is Brooke))


I'm Greyson. I'm good friends with Bray. Uh yea I don't know what else. I'm 19 and single. I guess"


This is only the beginning Katie! Lol just in case if you guys don't know, i'll be spamming her with Luke imagines :)

Luke Robert Hemmings (◠‿◠✿)

Wow Luke do you like killing your fans because I almost died like 200 times today