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Taste The Darkness

Gingerbread-spice ganache

Gingerbread Spice Truffles - The treacle in this chocolate and ginger truffle recipe gives these chocolates a heady depth of flavour, perfectly encapsulating the wintery taste of gingerbread.

Cadbury's Contrast - I had forgotten this one. I think it was a mixture of milk and plain chocolates, hence the "contrast", but I'm sure someone will correct me if that's wrong!

Chocolate sponge with chocolate custard

Chocolate sponge with chocolate custard recipe. This pudding brings back memories of that rare school dinner treat – the pudding every kid loved, with soft, springy chocolate sponge squares coated in thick chocolate custard. School food, but good. Here it’s back and better than ever.

HOPA Studio

Love the dark tiles and gold. Nice mix of class and edgey design. Obviously minus the swearing.

Design Like a Pro : 7 Tips from Designer Abigail Ahern

Home Decor Photos Alexa: If diamonds were made of chocolate... Curving planes of diagonal glass stained in smoky brown and caramel tones give this fluid ultra-modern structure a powerful earthy contrast. A vision of beauty. Emporia Shopping Centre in Ma