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Birds truly twitter in color... could make a cool abstract infographic about twitter

Asian Brown Wood Owl - International Centre for Birds of Prey

from Home

Painted Bunting

Painted bunting - found year-round in the southern United States as well as throughout coastal Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean during the winter months.

Weblyest - Color Me Wild (18 Photos)

hummingbird, don't know what It is about these active little birds...always make me smile.

Sometimes all it takes is a little conversation to bring about hope

Puffin Hokey Pokey! ... put you right foot in and shake it all about ...

A female 'Bluebird of Happiness', that are always flitting about the wooden fence posts. They love open areas and must have nest boxes or dead trees (called "snags') to nest in. That's why its good to leave a few harmless ones in wooded areas.

Watch out for these ovarian cancer symptoms: Persistent stomach pain Persistent bloating Finding it difficult to eat or feeling full quickly Needing to wee more often