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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Muhammad Ali

so-tired-of-doing-a-mouses-job funny-dog-picture Dog Breeders Guide

"Whaddya mean I just ate?"  facebook.com/sodoggonefunny

This dogs expression makes me laugh so hard lol

We're attacking this Monday morning with a highly motivated, "can do" attitude.  #MondayMotivation #pug

Minnie & Max Pugs on

This Pug rules her house!

Pug with pug pillows. Whose bed is this anyway? The pug's bed of course, as every pug owner is aware, all beds in the house belong to the pug.

riding on a pug. :)

Asian babies and pugs are two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. this picture is perfection.

Keep running little buddy!

Almost what my dogs are. mix a little boxer with the rottie and make the pug black and those are my four legged babies!


About 25 years ago I pointed to one in a pet store and said to my wife, "that is the ugliest dog ever".

Pug pillow for two

Pugs do make excellent pillows. My youngest son grew up using his pug, Buddy, as a pillow!