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Fantastic Beasts - Tina and Queenie lean out of their bedroom window, craning into the dark. Another bellowing roar reverberates through the winter night. Tina and Queenie burst into the bedroom where Jacob and Newt are meant to be asleep. Every trace of the two men has gone. Furious,Tina storms off to dress. Queenie looks upset.

Ugh, he already tortures me as he is. Add eyeliner and I'm dead for sure! | V (Taehyung) | BTS

Huffingtonpost: "As if we needed any further evidence that hot men and cute animals are a winning combination, Tom Hiddleston has definitely proved it with his latest appearance on ‘The Late, Late Show’" Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/tom-hiddleston-baby-leopard-james-corden_uk_5721fd9fe4b0a1e971cb2574

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