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Explore 12 Foods, Feed and more!

"Healthy vs Harmful Food for your Dogs" infographic by @CityLeash. *** A note about Human Medications ... Yes, your veterinarian may prescribe many medications for your dog that are also used for humans. In some instances, they may even recommend over-the-counter options found in a drug store. The key thing here however is talking to your veterinarian! Get their opinion BEFORE giving your dogs any medication.

33 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Is your dog bored? Great ideas for play and training to keep them stimulated

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Are Toxic to Dogs

Sure, you can give your dog healthy food... but wait, not so fast! Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that are TOXIC to dogs!

How To Calm An Anxious Dog

useful tips for dog owners who face the trouble of an #anxious #dog

7 rainy day games to play with your dog

7 rainy day games to play with your dog When it's too nasty outside to get exercise, these games will keep your dog's mind and body engaged.

10 Ways to Test your Dog’s IQ

10 Ways to Test your Dog�s IQ...Because I KNOW my dog is a genius! :-)

Do You Know What to Do If Your Dog Is Choking? Performing Heimlich Maneuver On Dogs