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from Lifehack

7 Small Ways to Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone That You Can Start Doing Today

Right beyond your comfort zone lies everything you want. These action steps will empower you to break out of your comfort zone today!

We can get so caught up trying to fix ourselves that we don't give ourselves space to just be. But we don't need to be perfect to enjoy our lives.

from Fast Company

How To Make To-Do Lists Better, Faster, And More Fun

We asked the experts: How can we make our to-do lists better? Can we get things done faster? Is is possible to make a to-do list fun? - via FastCompany


3 Ways Playing Chess Can Help You Read People

The way people play the game gives us insights into their personality.


This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success

Fear of failure Is The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success Unlearning this peculiar behavior is the key to unlocking the potential of your dreams. "But overcoming it will inspire you and those around you to greater heights from where you can take in a vista that only dreamers, who have no fear-of-failure, will ever see."


9 Things Super Successful People Do Every Day to Be Happy

Because of some great questions on a recent post I did on assessments, and because a logical response would take a lot of space, I decided to simply write another post. The question that popped out at me was an...

from Fast Company

3 Steps To Regaining Your Focus

Deadlines looming? Put down the smartphone. Here's how to limit distractions and increase productivity at work.