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Law and Order: MS Victims Unit ~ "When is being tired not just being tired? Often, in the world of MS, it’s hard to exactly know where the tired ends and the MS begins..." ~ Michael Wentink, #MSblog

An unknown cause. A difficult diagnosis. No known cure. No wonder people with fibromyalgia syndrome, or FMS, can feel perplexed, under attack and isolated.

My husband's Gastroenterologist actually told me that FM wasn't even a disease, only a syndrome (in other words, it's no big deal). What a jerk. I wanted to write the state Medical Society but my husband was afraid his dr. would take it out on him.

(This picture was made on Meme Generator under “Endo Problems”. Since no user was listed for making it, I’m not sure who it was but still want to upload it to the page. If this is yours and you would...

And possibly the next day and the next -- Life with Chronic Pain/RA. Last weekend, 3 day yard sale. It's Wed. Finally moving with limited pain. (Notice that I said limited. Will never fully recover 'cause something else will take over to cause pain.)

you could start to call for the help of the air conditioning repair specialist.

SO works for EDS too! NDIEDS - Not Drunk It's EDS - covers those awkward communications blessed. By pots, brain fog, etc. You could use this for all chronic illness!

Our live blogging from the world's largest #MSresearch meeting kicks off with an update from the Society's Vice President of Health Care Delivery and Policy Research. Click the link below to find out what research Dr. Nicholas LaRocca is most excited about. #msboston2014