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Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass - I could lie for hours just staring at him

this is a good example of deep depth of field because everything in the image is in focus. it most likely has a small apature (so i would say quite a large f number such as f64 ) i also really like the image because of the colours used in it.

. with a visual vision of whats going on in your mind. a beautiful creature that works like no othrs. styl is great bcause you do. this picture just wants me to kiss you ven harder than i want to alreay. and your yes are so amzing i cant even describe them almost like the dust that floats around after a suprnova. your music selection is just remarkable and all i want to do is hold you and make you mine. sounds cheezy but its true

Natalie Wood: Whatever really happened to her? We shall never know.

"And although I seek the peak of prudence / your heart gives me a valley spread / with hemlock and passion of bitter knowledge." Lorca

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his ex says he did her wrong, and i remind him about what a bitch she is. He won't let her back in because you got to keep them bitter about their ex.