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Ambroise Vollard, 1910

Ambroise Vollard Pablo Picasso Spanish, Cubism Location: Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow Created: 1910 Size: 65 x 92 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas Cubism was an all-out assault on habits not only of painting but of seeing. Ambroise Vollard (1867-1939) was one of the great art dealers of the 20th century. Pablo Picasso aimed to capture through cubism the three dimensionality in a two dimensional portrait.

Pablo Picasso - Girl before a Mirror, 1932, oil on canvas

The girls of Avignon, 1907, Pablo Picasso. Style: Cubism. Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 243.9 x 233.7 cm. Gallery: Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

Pablo Picasso 'Tete d'une Femme Lisant' Hand-painted Framed Art Print

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