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Hubble Image of NGC 7049. This galaxy spans about 150,000 ly and lies about 100 mly away from Earth in the inconspicuous southern constellation of Indus. NGC 7049's unusual appearance is largely due to a prominent rope-like dust ring which stands out against the starlight behind it. The bright star at the top of the ring is in our own Galaxy.

{image via Crystalin Marie} Spoiler alert: You probably have too much in your closet. I don’t mean skeletons. I mean, I don’t know you, so maybe you have a lot of those. I mean clothing. You probably have too much clothing in your closet. When all of your laundry is done and you can wear …

Stars are forming in the Soul of the Queen of Aethopia. More specifically, a large star forming region called the Soul Nebula can be found in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia, who Greek mythology credits as the vain wife of a King who long ago ruled lands surrounding the upper Nile river. The Soul Nebula houses several open clusters of stars, a large radio source known as W5, and huge evacuated bubbles formed by the winds of young massive stars.