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Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts- This is disgusting. Just look at the example, and see what YOU think the Common Core is encouraging here. Looks to me like they want children to be angry, manipulative social activists that don't respect their parents. This is writing and literature? This is education for 1st graders? I just see propaganda. And it isn't even developmentally appropriate. :P

Marxist/ProgressiveCSCOPE Developers. In terms of Common Core, if we don’t save education, so goes the country. parents will need to stand up and challenge their school districts and even change school districts to enact change.

Ed Surge is a Bill and Melinda Gates funded website which lists curriculum aligned to Common Core, in case you want to avoid it. (Non- aligned curriculum has its own website not funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.)

Linda Darling-Hammond on Becoming Internationally Competitive.. discussing waht the US can learn from high-achieving countries on teaching, learning, and assessment- from Finland to Singapore.

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