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Dusneyland Paris, made in April 1992, the castle is modeled after Belle and Prince Adam's castle in Beauty and the Beast!

Sklenar visit soon! Disney land castle in Paris. They couldn't make this one look like the other Disney land castles because the others are replicas of Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle and the French don't want German castles on their property.

Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, Rome… I literally cried when I saw this, I was so moved. My tourmates thought I was ill because I was crying, but I was just so overcome to be in this space where Michangelo painted and where the new Popes are chosen. And this was before the recent   cleaning", I can only imagine how much more moving it would be .

Painting the ceiling this weekend? Spare a thought for the man who created the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican this shows both the ceiling and the last judgment. The ceiling is a beautiful work of art with great detail. The last judgement even has more detail and it was done 29 years after the ceiling.

Notre Dame Cathedral. Attraction in Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris, France - I would like to visit it because is a catholic church, antique and its architecture is impressive.

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona, Rome I've been here and it is more magical and stunning than you could ever imagine! Best piazza in all of Rome! One of my favorite places in Rome! Absolutely gorgeous at night!

phroyd:  St. George Kabiza Monestary Built on the Canyon Walls of Wadi Qilt Photo by Miki Badt @Nick Moorhead.com http://phroyd.tumblr.com

Art Saint George of Koziba Monastery built on the canyon walls of Wadi Qilt, Israel architecture