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Introducing Divamp: Couture Costume Design

Introducing Divamp: Couture Costume Design | The Lingerie Addict: Lingerie for Who You Are

"SÄDE" Celestial StarShoweringRain upon u and through u Blessings~ in the Western mystery tradition & contemporary witchcraft,to opening the "veil" of matter,thus gaining entry to a state of spiritual awareness in which the mysteries of nature are is a reference to the mythical Veil of Isis,regarding which Plutarch records an inscription at the shrine of Neith-Isis-Minerva at Sais: “I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be; and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised”

Isis (also know to different cultures as Minerva, Aphrodite, Ceres, Hecate) was an ancient Egyptian/Greco/Roman goddess, idealized as the perfect mother, the Great Mother, patron and issuer of nature, magic and fertility—the giver of life, a Madonna. She was the daughter of Geb and Nut (god of the Earth and goddess of the sky) and husband of Osiris, and was in general very high-power stuff.