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The Slovakia flag was officially adopted on September 1, 1992. Red, white and blue are traditional Pan-Slavic colors. The centered Slovakian arms features a dominant white cross atop a blue symbolic reference to the country's mountains.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. The cliff side bar pictured has awesome views, and is one of the lovliest places in the world to have a drink.

Djibouti Motto: "Unité, Égalité, Paix" Capital: Djibouti Official Language: French, Arabic Government: Republic Currency: Djiboutian Franc Driving: right Religion: Islam Flag: -green: earth -blue: sea, sky -white: peace -red: unity

neoprusiano: “ @Neoprusiano Bandera del Imperio Ruso (1882-1917) Flag of the Russian Empire (1882-1917) ”