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Doctor Who - TV Show Poster (The Doctor, The Tardis & Smoke) (David Tennant) (Size: 24'' x 36''):Amazon:Home & Kitchen

Doctor Who - TV Show Poster (David Tennant) (Smoke, The Doctor & The Tardis) (Size: x

Hes so offended by his past self its adorable<<< Clara in the back is just like "this should be fun" xD

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" Anniversary. Also Matt's shocked and appalled face is adorable.

Why do his elbows in this picture look so funny

Or your wife, who's also your best friend's daughter. Who is named after your best friend's best friend from high school. exactly - Um excuse me, who is named after your best friend's best friend from high school, who is actually your wife

8 times the Doctor meant to say "I love you" and one time he did. Click for list. Cue tears.

8 times the Doctor meant to say "I love you" and the one time he finally did. Click through--so sweet. My feels! All my feels! Who needs reality when you have Doctor Who?

Watch out for his screwdriver and insane intellect!

Holy crap I didn't know the guy who played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter is actually the same actor who is the one and only Doctor on Doctor Who holy crap that's awesome. Well that case Harry Potter would be screwed.

When we move, I am going to turn my office into a Geek's dreamland.  I'm thinking these must be involved.

"Oh my doctor who & disney princess'!" Yup cause Jack Skellington is a Disney princess and I'm fairly certain little red isn't a Disney princess either.<<< NMBC Jack is a princess. The doctor is a princess. Everyone is a princess.

 his optimism and the fact that he totally prefers to have the moral high ground

Rose Tyler: Doctor, they've got guns. The Doctor: And I haven't. Which makes me the better person, don't you think? They can shoot me dead, but the moral high-ground is mine. This is my favorite doctor who quote!

haha the doctor and Donna are the best

I love how Donna's like watch it spaceman and the doctors like watch it earth girl like it's souposed to be offensive