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(gif set) "If you had to choose a character to play on Supernatural besides Sam and Dean, who would you choose?" Jared & Jensen convention panel I don't even watch the show and this is funny

Misha probably didn't care bc he didn't have to shave. He had a really great creative answer. LOL

Why Castiel had a beard in Purgatory and Dean did not? THIS COMMENT ---> I'm just going to stop and appreciate the fact that Jensen asked.

I love Jensen's sassy/confused face as Jared is a confused moose/puppy hybrid while Mark and Misha are so happy and all for it

i love that Mark and Misha just know, and are just as clueless as Sam and Dean. it would be the best Meta episode ever! "Does anybody translate British?

Omfg Misha doe...

That is my favorite gag reel moment! They are incredibly hilarious and just crazy. Just watch one of the gag reels. It doesn't matter which season, just watch one of them. They will give you life.

Why is he so handsome

Jensen Ackles - Cheerleader I will never mock male cheerleaders ever in my future lives.<<<<< I'm a cheerleader and this makes me so happy

Can I have a Misha please

(H)i, I'm Misha Collins -- on the adorable quirk of his mouth on the letter H :)<<I've never noticed this.----------- God damn it Misha, your freaking How in Hell are you so adorable?