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hahaha Disney and Doctor Who!!

I rewatched Aladdin the other day and this was my first thought when it got to this scene. OMG is Aladdin the doctor now?

If you do not get this, you must immediately turn in your Whovian card & bow tie. I giggled.

If you do not get this, you must immediately turn in your Whovian card & bow tie.<--- not in fandom, get reference. Second hand fan disease.

Vworp! Vworp!

My fiance's phone has the lightsaber sound assigned for my incoming texts. But his female bff (and groomsgirl) gets the TARDIS sound.) -- lightsaber sound for him, tardis sound for her - how have I not thought of this?

I am sure I would make any date awkward just being myself but this could help to

The Whovian Guide to an Awkward First Date - I love that all of these are the doctor's awkwardness, except both of River's "first dates".

10 and 11 in the same room..... fangirls fall everywhere

The difference between fanboy and actor. Defending Matt, I do personally think that 11 is better than He's an amazing actor that acts fabulously, so don't ever put him down. But this shows them personally. I think DT is really the ultimate fanboy :)

Event: Doctor Who 3D – 50th Anniversary for all germans! at the cinema in 3D- i have my tickets - im so excited - cant wait for it!!!!

Doctor Who - The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who Anniversary Official Poster -- Oh my gosh. It says bad wolf. It does, it says bad wolf. It says bad wolf. The Bad Wolf.

Maybe?!? 0.0 OMG!WHAT IF IT IS!

Thank you people of France . In return, we give you this beautiful stone statue of an angel. This was actually proved to be true in "The Angels Take Manhatten!" If I ever go to New York I'm going to be scared to pieces.