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Our video and kindness song is a resource used with our kindness curriculum. It shows children how easy it is to be kind and how that kindness affects everyone. Watch our video ► ► #RippleKindness #PIF #RandomActsofKindness #MakeADifference #kindness

"Kindness Changes Everything" was performed by children to inspire children all around the world to embrace kindness as a way of life. The video is used as part of the Ripple Kindness Project for Schools, a positive psychology curriculum that offers opportunities for children to experience the difference kindness makes to their thoughts, feelings and actions. By creating kinder communities, we naturally reduce the incidence of bullying and exclusion.

♥ Ripple Kindness Project for Schools ♥ The Ripple Kindness Project for Schools is an on-going, flexible, social and emotional curriculum for the whole school, with lessons that teach children about feelings and gives opportunities to experience and share kindness. ► Read more... #kindness #PIF #RandomActsofKindness #RippleKindness #MakeADifference #school #children #teach #curriculum #values