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How to Organize Receipts

Organizing receipts - In this post, I talk about how I set up the systems and my rationale for determining which receipts to save.

15 Tips to Make Future You Happy

15 Tips to make future you happy! A little planning goes a long way, start prepping for future you today via @Apathy Ends | Personal Finance

7 Simple Habits For (Finally) Gaining Control of Your Finances

Personal finance tips for finally getting control of your money. Adopt these habits to pay off debt, live below your means and start building long-term wealth.

How To Be Rich In Your 20s

How to be rich in your 20s. Managing your finances can be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re young. However, the sooner your start making a financial plan for yourself, the more time you have to create a bright future. The smart money habits you make now can contribute to your long-term success. Find out how to be rich in your twenties!

How (And Why) I Created a Goals Binder

Are you full of ideas? Do you have trouble staying focused long enough to reach your goals? If so, a goals binder can help. Here's how to make one.

Return to Work: How to Get Back to work after a Career Break

Are you looking to return to work after career break? Help is at hand – here are top tips to help you return to work after a long career break.

9 Passive Income Streams That Work

9 passive income streams that work... make extra money at home, make extra money in college

Budget Unit

This is a 5 part budget unit that I used with both middle school and high school students. I currently use it in my economics class when studying budgeting and personal finance. This project can take as little or as long as you like. Students research the costs of different living expenses and careers and use these costs to complete budgeting worksheets.