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Guess who's a little Overdose? HAHHAH I can't with Kris, I just can't with Galaxy oppa

Photo-based artist Uldus Bakhtiozina creates unique vision of Russian fairy tales. She focuses on pagans roots and ethnography of Russ Land. Her works are based on a thorough and detailed immersion into fairy tales, comprehensive research and comparison with Euro-Asian mythology. Artist pays special attention to ambivalent interpretation of the symbolism hidden in legends and myths.

An exceptional indigo patched Boro textile cloth from old Japan, when many poor farming families recycled generations of worn out indigo cloth into patchworks of great soulful beauty, only appreciated today as works-of-art. 18-19c

South-East Asian Trident Dated: 19th century Culture: Thai or Vietnamese Measurements: 79 inches The steel head of the trident is beautifully shaped with waved outer spikes as stylised serpents and stout central spike. The lower part of the head features decorative shapes and chiselling. It comes with a large ribbed brass mount to the top of the haft.

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