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She had scars. She wore them like brands on her back, on her wrists, on her legs, and her feet. She had walked a glass path. -Uncommon Graces | Volume 2 | The Angel Series

With or without wings, she was born to fly. I could see the clouds in her eyes. -Uncommon Graces | The Angel Series

If you don't know what it's like to pretend to forget, let me tell you. -Uncommon Graces, The Survivor Series

Grace Durbin | The Survivor Series

The first week, everything is new. You go in hoping to find a friend going through the same struggle as you. 6 months in, you've made a friend and lost him. You skip the funeral and then, you start skipping treatment too..... -Uncommon Graces | The Survivor Series

When she asks you to show her the world, you grab your wings, strap them to her feet, and you make her an angel. Because you've flown the world, you've tasted the clouds, and you know what it feels like to breathe, but she has never known any of these. -Uncommon Graces | Volume 2