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I'm a guy who is interested in art, music, nature, poetry, architechture, humor, food, woman, sex, chocolate, coffee and anything else that tickles my brain.  My other blog is @nakedmusicscore Check it out if you like music related things.

from Berry

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People sometimes think I am a bitch.. or they think of me as two faced. But if they knew my past and what I have been through as a person. They would know who I am today. I have high morals and it takes so much for my heart to fully open to someone.

I love I to Him every day. "Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt YOU in due time; while YOU throw all YOUR anxiety upon him, because he cares for YOU." Peter (one of my favorite scriptures) much love to you all!!!

It has been one hell of a year ~ Wednesday will mark one year since the loss of Dad. Thank goodness for my husband and family, close friends, my work, and Pinterest (where I actually did a lot of healing). ~ ALW

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