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Dann wär da natürlich noch Amon Amarth. Das verdanke ich meinem Bassisten, wie nahezu meine gesamte Entwicklung in den Metal.

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Bye Mom

Bye Mom - metal - amon amarth

Odin! Guide our ships. Our axes, spears and swords. Guide us through storms that whip. And in brutal war <3

Amon Amarth - so disappointed to see they have an Amon Amarth shirt at hottopic...

Metal Music Family, this is why you should open your eyes and fucking respect us

Amon Amarth <3 They are viking metal, a sort of sub-genre of Death Metal. They are from Sweden and their songs are about Norse Mythology. Favorite songs: Twilight of the Thunder God and Hel

Amon Amarth, Viking Metal - Love this BAND!