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Math Fiction Books: Math Curse

Math Fiction Books for Gifted Children

Let's face it, the '90s were basically like the Wild West of parenting. Technology was just revving up, kids still played outside, and being allergic to gluten was merely a figment of your imagination. The '90s were a truly joyous time to be a kid, and you want to know why? Because there were

9 Books That Will Turn Your Kids Into Math Lovers

Assess Yourself

This is a quick and easy formative assessment to quickly assess if your students are learning what they need to. The teacher asks a question and students used a hand signal to show their understanding.

Classroom clock. Black poster board, white paint pen and HL clock kit. {pic only}

Awesome clock to teach students maths concepts

Math Common Core Checklist - 5th Grade

Math Common Core Checklist - 5th Grade

This is a checklist of all Grade Math Common Core standards. Each standard is sorted by strands. There is a place next to each standard where y.

Graphic Organizer for turning words into math. Even high schoolers could use this by roseann

Turning Words into Math - Graphic Organizer. Quickly reference math symbols that words often translate into.