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Ethan studied the board like a one-eyed whale trying to swim in a straight line to catch a fish. He was amazed by 2 + 2 either from right to left or left to right still equals 4.

Timothy Olyphant...from..Catch & Release, great movie

Timothy Olyphant. Tank and jeans. Lovely.

Timothy Olyphant aka Raylan Givens... yep. ;)

Timothy Olyphant as sheriff Seth Bullock on "Deadwood"

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TIMOTHY OLYPHANT: He doesn't let the fame go to his head. He's a loving, faithful family man instead. He keeps his private life paparazzi-free. I'm so glad we don't see him on TMZ.

Just a glance at him and I feel a flash. My skin breaks out in a heat rash. My throat gets full of lumps. And he always gives me goose bumps. My body starts to shiver, And my lips begin to quiver. My knees go week, my head will spin, My hair stands up all over my skin. I begin to sweat and then perspire, From an overload of pure desire. My mouth becomes extremely dry, Whenever I look at that handsome guy... (Click picture for the rest) #timothyolyphant #timolyphant #hotcelebrities #sexy…