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How is this man real? He's got curves in all the right places and then that face. How can it be possible for one man to have so many nice features AND be a good guy on top of it. Why aren't there more of him?

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan in fx's justified ❤

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Ethan studied the board like a one-eyed whale trying to swim in a straight line to catch a fish. He was amazed by 2 + 2 either from right to left or left to right still equals 4.

Tom looking cute and geeky in them glasses (and a little sexy but let's keep that between us) ;)

Beetlejuice is a lot like the Kingston Triplets, specially like Basil.


5 Actors Who Could Replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in 2016

Timothy Olyphant (King Charles)

Timothy Olyphant. Just because he was in Catch and Release. A movie that, for some reason, I seem to like so much.

If any of you all happen to see this man around, could you grab him and drop him off at my house...I think he's lost!