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Captain Swan Army on

Once upon a Time - Snow and Charming, Hook and Emma parallels. Like mother like daughter

#OnceUponATime. "Prince Charming" doesn't start off that way. Love changes us all for the better. <3

Once Upon A Time ships ❤ Snowing Rumbelle OutlawQueen CaptainSwan

All characters.I'd probably replace Prince Phillip with Pinocchio though

Once Upon A Time. So true for me and my roommates haha

Once Upon A Time. So true for me and my roommate haha. Her and hey boyfriend just laugh at my fangirl attacks 😂😂

What d hell is tjis bitch Milah talking about, she bloddy fucked around with a pirate, leaving he family behind in the ruins. I hate this bloody woman.she deserved every bit of that death.

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20 Reasons Why Once Upon a Time is the BEST

24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand

This very accurate summary of the first season. 24 jokes only Once Upon a Time fans will understand.

I love how they did this.actually my favorite thing about once upon a time <---- so weird and funny. I'm not even in the OUaT fandom but you know.