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I need this to happen if this doesn't happen someone's dying and to be honest it might be me

I dont like shiping real people but both Troyler and Phan would be cute together so if this happened i would EXPLODE!

That's funny even though I don't ship it!!

I wish that school taught kids about depression anxiety self harm and eating disorders and not just bullying because sometimes it's ourselves that make us feel like shit and most people don't get it

Ik that I have pinned this already but I will pin it again and again bc this is my favorite thing ever

:) this makes me smile bc sebastian stan actually did this while filming. haha

"Oh this? This is my pouch, where I keep my favorite rock. Bc I'm just that cool." Otters are adorably awesome!

Nope, mouth does not cooperate with niceties :) I've got to go paint.argh

ignore my tears >> Just sitting in the corner watching their old vids, sobbing....