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montana+ghost+towns | Many of Elkhorn's cabins have been reoccupied. The Fraternity Hall ...

Elkhorn ~ A Great Ghost Town in Montana !!

Elkhorn, Montana Fraternity Hall - Elkhorn is a small ghost town in Jefferson County, Montana, United States, in the Elkhorn Mountains of the southwestern part of the state.

Garnet, Montana Ghost Town, 2008. If you've been to any of Montana's other well-known ghost towns like Virginia City or Bannack, you'll find Garnet just as intriguing if not even more so.  Read "Garnet - Montana’s Best Kept Ghost Town Secret" http://www.legendsofamerica.com/mt-garnet.html

Garnet Montana - Gold rush boom and bust - Ghost town in the mountains Missoula Montana.

Abandoned buildings, Elkhorn, Mont. (© National Geographic Image Collection/Alamy).  /theracinginsidertips

Elkhorn is home to Montana’s smallest state park — only one acre — designated to protect Gillian Hall and Fraternity Hall, two of the best-preserved remnants of Elkhorn’s glory days.

A crooked sheriff, stagecoach robberies, vigilante justice and hangings galore. . .no wonder everybody left town! Read the remarkable story of the rise and fall of Bannack, Montana in my blog! http://stargazermercantile.com/ghost-town-bannack-montana/

Ghost Town: Bannack, Montana

Abandoned lodge in a Montana Ghost Town Schoolhouse and Masonic Lodge, built ca. 1874 in the mining ghost town at Bannack State Park, Bannack, Montana

The Beauty of Garnet Ghost Town, Montana - Missoula, Montana

The Beauty of Garnet Ghost Town, Montana. This makes a fun day trip from Missoula. Be sure to add Garnet Ghost Town to your Montana travel plans.

Ghost town hunting in Montana: Masonic Lodge and Schoolhouse in Bannack Ghost Town near Dillon, Montana.

Tips for Visiting Bannack Ghost Town on a Montana Road Trip

At Bannack Ghost Town, explore Montana gold mining history. Read our tips for making the most of your boomer trip to this Montana State Park near Dillon.

Bannock Ghost Town, Montana  Bannoch School House

abandoned Bannack-school-house-ghost town, Montana, the school house still has the desks in it!

Take a road trip through some of Montana's most popular ghost towns!

This Haunting Road Trip Through Montana Ghost Towns Is One You Won't Forget

Take a road trip through some of Montana's most popular ghost towns!

Garnet - A Montana Ghost Town

Garnet - A Montana Ghost Town

This piece portrays Garnet Ghost Town, in western Montana which was a mining town, but was abandoned in the early It was named for the semi-precious gem called the garnet, which was the first i