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Black Churches and Groups Sue Ohio Over Cut to Early Voting....I'm so proud of people who put action behind words. Republican Governor Walker in Wisconsin cut out early voting too. He was re-elected by the hairs of his chinny chin chin, last time around. It's clear he's oppressing voters, but he has the power to do s0. That's not right but it's America and that "just us justice." Somebody needs to tell every state that made moves to oppress and deny early voting, how to come together and…

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An elegant house of antique finds

Antiques dealers Spencer and Freya Swaffer's home is a considered and elegant…

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Inside the peaceful Ibiza hideaway with a higgledy-piggledy charm of its own

Inside the peaceful Ibiza hideaway with a higgledy-piggledy charm of its own cool bathroom stucco built in shelf white rug

30/May - 2015 Half the mind map I’ve done for A2 ethics topics. It made me so so happy to see so much psychology is included in it because it’s gonna make it 100x easier for me to remember all the...

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friday finds. (sfgirlbybay)

welcome to the jungle, folks — well, jungle green anyway. it’s so very hot out today here in L.A. — it’s in the 90’s and i feel like these images are cooling me down just a little bit. green is such a

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The Body Coach’s Garlic and Teriyaki Chicken Served with Tenderstem® and Peanut Butter Dip

This was the winning recipe in the #TeamTenderstem PT challenge 2014 created by Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach. Enjoy this dish after a work out to refuel your body with goodness.

Eliza Bennett Embroiders Her Own Hand In Courageous Statement About Women Laborers

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Upcycling Interiors: 10 Top Pallet Ideas

DIY Holiday Card Displays. I would use it for handmade greeting cards at craft shows.

What happens when a piece of feminist artwork is turned into anti-Islamic propaganda?