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...and this is why I have a little kid's swimming pool on my back porch...

Then We Can Fill it Up With My Tears!

Do You Want It Olympic-Sized? With a Waterfall? And a Slide? - One of my favorite things that puppies do. Mess or not, that stuff is so cute!

I like the sound you make when you shut up. tard the grumpy cat

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This Abomination is now top of my Worst EVER Fashion list! http://jacybrean.blogspot.com/2012/04/ten-of-worlds-worst-fashion-disasters.html

Glenn Soucy on

A Guy Wearing a Full Body Cable Another example of "just because you CAN knit it, doesn't mean you SHOULD." So made me laugh, no need to worry about what to get the man in your life this Christmas!

. . .

Moon Socks by DROPS Design - Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern for Cozy Slipper Boots. I love my knitted slippers, would definitely love these!

Timothy the T-rex  amigurumi pattern by Bluephone Studios

Timothy the T-rex amigurumi pattern by Bluephone Studios