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la terre de sept couleurs,Mauritius

la terre de sept couleurs,Mauritius

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Awesome Underwater Museum - The Meta Picture

Awesome Underwater Museum

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Conoces todas las provincias por las cuales cruza la Gran Muralla China?    En Bridging Cultures aprendes mucho más que solo el idioma.  Viví experiencias. Viví Cultura.    Gansu, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin, Liaoning, Mongolia Interior, Ningxia, Pekín, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Tianjin y Xinjiang

The Great Wall of China, is most amazing and greatest wonder in the world. The Great Wall of China, roughly Miles Kilometers). The Great Wall of China, is most amazing and greatest wonder in the world. The Great Wall of China, roughly


Devil’s Bridge Kromlauer Park is a gothic style, country park in the municipality of Kromlau in the Görlitz Gablenzgasse district in Germany. An incredible attraction of the park is the Rakotzbrücke, more popularly known as Devil’s Bridge.


The Bridge of the Immortals - Yellow Mountains, China You would seriously expect me to go on that thing? IF you proved I was immortal!

The Shahara Bridge in Yemen

--i have an odd fondness for bridges--The Shahara Bridge, Yemen, built to fight turkish invaders. The legend says that the local people can remove the bridge in few minutes in case of imminent danger!

Underwater museum, Cancun.

Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculpture garden in Cancun. "Constructed out of concrete and steel, and bolted to the ocean substrate, the works here act as artificial reefs that provide “an ideal habitat for filter feeding organisms.”"- so cool

Danxia, China ~ Miks' Pics "Nature Scenes ll" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/nature-scenes-ll/

A unique geological phenomenon known as Danxia landform. Observed in several places in China. This example is located in Zhangye, Province of Gansu. The color is the result of an accumulation for millions of years of red sandstone and other rocks.