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If you want to know how much I love you count all the waves in the sea. #OceanQuotes

Great quote for bedroom wall. This Cream & Navy Blue 'Waves of the Sea' Plaque by Vinyl Crafts is perfect! Would be great in my future nautical themed bathroom!

it takes so much energy to lie...i wish people could grasp the sense of the freedom and liberation that comes with being honest and genuine.

It takes so much energy to lie. I wish people could grasp the sense of freedom & liberation that comes with being honest & genuine.


Be weird, be random, be who you are because you never know who would love the person you hide. - Words to live by!

Celebrate the little things

You know those moments where you are just going about your day and quietly, subconsciously, you realise how you have more than you need. How incredibly good you have it, even if you don't always.

she needed a hero so that's what she became quote - Căutare Google

"Now I've got thicker skin. I'm a warrior. I'm stronger than I've ever been! And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in I'm a warrior. And you will never hurt me again.

Divinely Inspired

Divinely Inspired

Coco chanel escribió notas pero sobre todo tuvo el HABITO de enunciar las mas celebres frases sobre la elegancia, la belleza, el lujo, y la moda. e inspirada en los HABITOS del convento orfanato donde se educo, posiciono los vestidos blanco y negro emblema de su firma.

"Coco Chanel quote: The best color in the whole wide world is the color that looks the best on you" Coco Chanel

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (la vie commence au delà de votre zone de confort)

Just love this quote! Don't be afraid of stepping out of the box. Put yourself out there and experience life!

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Quote - She's a dreamer, a soul searcher & a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought, her mind craving exploration & her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures.

So go on and tell your friends and family whatever you want about me, because you will never be better than me.

That moment you feel so hurt by someone gossiping and spreading lies about you and your family that it makes you realize you've probably hurt so many people yourself. No more gossip! Be the woman God wants you to be!