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Hey everyone! So @CrazyFangirl12 and I have started a board called Country RP. It is set many years into the future, when there are no countries. An organization calls you to be a representative. However, you are oblivious to countries. The school is for very advanced students. The school is trying to start a rebellion to restart the countries. It is located in the Bermuda Triangle, so no one can find it. You are given a pin to give you passage. Comment to join. (NOT Hetalia)

I wanna make a superhero rp board but there are rules and its kinda based off these stories i am currently obsessed with called damsel in distress ( which is the first ) if people want to join please read the rules and i will save a pin that lets you read it

Hi guys because @thatweirdidiot has to delete her account I'm going to own this new version of the board with @CrazyFangirl12. You can repin your character or make a new one.

Hey, name's Ruby, but you can call me Red. I'm 16 almost 17 and I'm a a child of Leo and Calypso Valdez. I love archery, and knife throwing. I'm introverted, have ADHD, and mischievous. Yeah, I know, weird qualities. I have a brother whose protective. So, introduce?

Guys I need help!!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing a book and can't think of a good first name I have her last name down its Ryklin. The character is a cold blooded killer but she turns good for love. The book starts out: "they say I am powerful. They say I am darkness. They say I instill fear into the hearts of many. It's even the devil himself is afraid of me." I need help just commit you ideas please!!!!

We could use more people on these boards. You can join any faction, Amity and Abnegation have very few people. I have tagged Chicago, the creator of these boards, in the comments.