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Hey everyone! So @CrazyFangirl12 and I have started a board called Country RP. It is set many years into the future, when there are no countries. An organization calls you to be a representative. However, you are oblivious to countries. The school is for very advanced students. The school is trying to start a rebellion to restart the countries. It is located in the Bermuda Triangle, so no one can find it. You are given a pin to give you passage. Comment to join. (NOT Hetalia)

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[Fem!Canada] "Hi everybody!" I say waving excitedly. "I'm Cienna, but you can call me Cici. I am 16 and single. I have a little Yorkie named Ottowa. I have a part-time job at Tim Horton' s. I love maple syrup, and hockey, and puppies, and-well, basically everything! I am a social butterfly and can't wait to meet everyone!

(Female Japan) Ohayou gozaimasu! My name is Haruko, but you can call me Haru. I'm 16 years old and single. I enjoy drawing, watching anime, and playing video games. Introduce?

Okay so when we have more people I will select a girl and a boy from each house to be a prefect. Good luck! (Nate is already the boy prefect of Gryffindor.)

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Dove Cameron

'Ello mates! I'm Cecilia and I'm 16. I am a daughter of Athena. I am SUPER excited to participate in classes, make new friends, and finding the perfect guy! I specialize in daggers and am pretty good with a bow. Introductions?

Hello, I'm The Sherlock fandom. You can call me Sher. I have amazing waiting skills and I can also tell all about you from a coffee stain on your shirt. Some people say I'm a psychopath, but I'm actually a highly functioning sociopath, do your research. Introduce?