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Sorry for the crappy picture quality but the unicorn is my Firian OC frost or Agent Frost requesting backup as we have a person whining.

Valhi Vashti, Nuada’s dead mother. She was a good mother, she struggled to provide for her illegitimate child as best she could, but a woman in her profession with a baby...makes things difficult. Eventually she got sick, worked herself too hard in too harsh of conditions. Left nothing behind save her 8 year old daughter. And so Nuada started towards a life of crime on the streets. Nuada inherited some of her looks but got her sharper features and her eyes from her sire.

My art class did a little art show. Here's my first ever mixed media piece with pastels and water color crayons AND NO SKETCHING BEFORE HAND. i honestly don't know who this person I drew is I just sort of improvised the whole time :/

People practice using mostly Tessa. All of them were done free handing references. Except the chibi. Ah hiromi, if only you weren't dead. I like your design. But ah well.

Here is another new style again Yay or Nay and opinions. Another Firian oc. Her name is Marigold. She is a healer and uses healing magic. She can be fierce. If she tells you what you need to do to get better and you ignore her, she will get mad

In which I put LotR soundtrack on and proceed to make a Medieval au that I then throw SW ocs into

Gold Note is now much better looking me with the lighter coat color it's easier to find the right color for him. And hook fang hasn't changed much besides he has the job as making potions and other herbal elixirs

Drawing of my newest oc... I feel like it's no point to post stuff anymore... sorry for venting heh I don't usually vent.

New oc! This is Diego, he was a science experiment that Skylar's mom had tested on. The testing and chemicals gave him the ability of biological manipulation. So he can pretty much change his appearance to look like any human being.