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Sorry for the crappy picture quality but the unicorn is my Firian OC frost or Agent Frost requesting backup as we have a person whining.

So I'm trying a new art style, Yay or Nay? Any opinions? Anyways, I have a mlp world type thing. It's called Firia, yeah. So one of many Firian OCS. Her name is Frost as you can see. Uh in Firia, ponies only use a certain type of magic, though they can learn universal spells. Frost here uses ice magic.

Here we go! This is Midnight.... A very old oc that @starsnspace made me! I'm thinking of making her my main cannon character and Hikari my main Firian oc. Soo vote for my profile name A for Midnight B for Hikari

Here is another new style again Yay or Nay and opinions. Another Firian oc. Her name is Marigold. She is a healer and uses healing magic. She can be fierce. If she tells you what you need to do to get better and you ignore her, she will get mad