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Get them before they are gone. 1) NZKEWXTAFEREY 2) UAHYHT2PXRBSS 3) 3GCEMX97J7MSS 4) E6AHYC55RMW5R 5) 9MAZCG7FS3X8P 6) JJK4XA6C3BKBR 7) KP2ZNK3BBMKTC 8) 2K7QQETEPHG2A 9) T9B2LYZLJM72L 10) W8K5RZP43M6FU ------ 1.) Go to book page on by clicking image.. 2.) Add the audiobook to your cart. 3.) Enter the promo code, and click "Redeem" on the cart page to change the price from full price to $0.00. 4.) Create a new account or login. 5.) Complete checkout,

25+ Free Things You Never Knew You Could Get For Free

Have you ever searched for what you can get for free? I’m not talking about anything unsubstantial. What if I told you, that you could get something of more value for free? Well you can! Just recently I had been on a quest of sorts to find what I can get for free. I was surprised at what I have found, and I think you will be to! You may have heard of some of these, but they are definitely worth mentioning for those who do not know about them. I’m especially excited about all the amazing…

Blues Cruise: Road Tripping the Blues Highway

U.S. Route 61 is so rich in musical history it is nicknamed the Blues Highway.

What should you read next? From art history to science fiction, here are 50 fantastic books recommended by TED speakers and TED-Ed educators:

"The transparent design lets the speaker blend in to any living room out there. The size can be big enough to offer a good sound quality, yet the speaker takes little visible space...The speakers come with a small wifi antenna, that can plug in to any computer, music player or smart phone out there. It will also work for old stereos or vinyl equipment. The aim is to set the music free regardless where it’s stored"

Your holiday reading list: 58 books recommended by TED speakers

From tech to self-help via poetry, fiction and graphic novels, here are the books you need to read.

Did you know you could save between 1 and 3 mpg (depending on your RV) just by emptying your tanks before heading out? Empty out of your waste tanks after every stop, and carry as few gallons as possible in your fresh water tank while on the road.