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A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !

IMG 4137

IMG 4137

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park's new Tiger Trails exhibit, opening summer 2014, will feature an underwater viewing area.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s new Tiger Trails exhibit, opening summer will feature an underwater viewing area. It sounds weird, but tigers loooove the water, I've seen it first hand.

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Astonishing photo of rare white Bengal tiger in feeding frenzy. By Photographer Birte Person at Singapore Zoo.

The Tiger's Purr

Siberian (or Amur) tigers -There are an estimated 400 to 500 Siberian tigers living in the wild. Siberian tigers are renowned for their power and strength.

The Daily Apple: Apple #568: Tiger Stripes melanism

'The Maltese Tiger' (or Blue Tiger) was reported mostly from the Fujian Province of China, being characterized by a bluish fur with dark stripes. The Maltese Tigers have been reported as a subspecies of the South Chinese Tiger.

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thank you for donating to exotic animal causes. one I donate to is .world wild life . org :) I love the color detail of this leopard.