Domespace is a rotating wooden house. The design brings numerous benefits. For example, the shape makes it resistant to cyclonic winds and it was built over an elastomeric belt which cushions vibrations and this also allows the house to withstand earthquakes of up to 8 on the Richter scale. This UFO-like house also makes the most of passive solar energy and it can rotate to follow the sun.{found on gizmag}.

Sliding, Unfolding And Rotating Houses That Perfectly Adapt To Their Location

Eco Factor: Sustainable dome house by Domespace Homes. Manufactured by Domespace Homes, the Solaleya Dome House is a solution to the ever growing demand for clean electricity and sustainability. Designed by Patrick Marsilli, the Dome House is a.

An Earth-bermed Passive Solar Home like the one we want to build

Small Living vs. Sustainable Living

Not sure I want to live in a true earthship house but I would love to have something like this built back into the Texas Caprock.

Thirteen Elements of a Dream Green Home

Looking to build your green home? Check out this infographic! 13 Elements of a Dream Green Home-Infographic

How To Use The Earth For Passive Heating/Cooling Your house

How To Use The Earth For Passive Heating/Cooling Your house POSM Note: Earthships by Michael Reynolds pioneered this.