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Funny pictures about Wolf howling in the cold. Oh, and cool pics about Wolf howling in the cold. Also, Wolf howling in the cold photos.

Elicia Edijanto, on Tumblr |

Indonesian artist Elicia Elidanto creates delicate watercolor paintings which depict the intimate relashionship between children and animals. Her black and white watercolors show silhouettes of small children standing in front of majestic and dangerous cr

Oğuz Kağan Destânı’nda şöyle geçer: “Tan ağırınca Oğuz Kağan'ın çadırına güneş gibi bir ışık girdi. O ışıktan gök tüylü ve gök yeleli büyük bir erkek kurt çıktı. Bu kurt Oğuz Kağana hitap etti ve : 'Ey Oğuz, sen Urum üzerine yürümek istiyorsun; ey Oğuz, ben senin önünde yürümek istiyorum' dedi. Ondan sonra Oğuz Kağan çadırını dürdürdü ve gitti. Gördü ki, askerin önünde gök tüylü ve gök yeleli büyük bir erkek kurt yürümektedir ve kurdun ardı sıra bir ordu gelmektedir.

Howling at the moon. Her wolf along side Sitting high above the chaos tide. Under peaceful moonlit night. Just the breeze amidst her beautiful sight. Howling at the moon wolfs delight OTTO

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The yin yang wolf, to represent my tribe's Two Wolves story

Inside each of us are two wolves. One is evil. Which wolf wins? The one you feed most.

You can tell when a wolf is longing for their mate when they look as sad as this. Ignorant to the beauty in the scernary around him because his mind is occupied.

☆ You Could Never Tame :¦: By Heather (Schumacher) Meuser ☆

What if they were wolves until the full moon and were men for three days? 'You Could Never Tame' by Novawuff on deviantART.

The wolf within

Every time she looked in the mirror, the wolf appeared. Whether it was her reflection, or just a wolf summoned at her reflection, she had yet to know. She never looked into a mirror long enough to find out.

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